Configure Windows Live Mail 2011

This guide explains how to configure SuisseID for Windows Live Mail 2011

Step 1
  • Start Windows Live Mail 2011
  • Click on the down arrow in the red-framed box, as shown below.

Step 2
  • Select Options (1) from the drop down menu and then click on Security options... (2) in the frame that appears.

Step 3
  • Select the Security (1) tab and then click on the Digital IDs... (2), as shown below.

Step 4
  • Select your Certificate (1) that you want to sign with.
  • Once your certificate is selected, click on the Close (2) button.

Step 5
  • Check the Digitally sign all outgoing messages check box.
  • Once selected, click on the OK button.

The configuration of Windows Live Mail 2011 is now complete.  Send a signed test message to verify that everything is working correctly.

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