Testing Disaster Recovery Services


Can I conduct tests of my availability and work area recovery services provided by QuoVadis?


QuoVadis encourages clients to test their business continuity measures to ensure that they are adequate, that staff members understand their roles, and that their provisions operate as planned.  

According to individual contract terms, QuoVadis provides a set number of testing windows per year to Clients of its WAR and Availability/Continuity services.  These test periods are provided at no additional fee providing QuoVadis is given at least two weeks’ notice.  Additional or unscheduled tests are provided for an additional fee.

Prior to any scheduled test, QuoVadis will work with the client to document the test scenarios together with any procedures or requirements for data restoration and connectivity, in order to define the results that define a successful test.  

To schedule tests, please contact QuoVadis Customer Support at 441-278-2810.

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